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Character Name; John Egbert
Canon; Homestuck
Canon Point; The end of Act 5, right after they break through the wall and before the level up that happens in the Yard.
Age; 13

House; Freya- There's nothing more important to John than his friends and family. And he really believes in the whole 'we can do anything if we work together and trust each other' kind of philosophy. He'll do anything he can to help them and has complete faith that they would do the same for him.
Power; Charm

John Egbert is a huge dork. He's a big fan of terrible movies, constantly arguing the merits of such gems as Con Air, Failure to Launch, or Little Monsters. He's into supernatural lore as well as stage magic. He even fancies himself a master prankster. John and his father have sort of a contest going on where they prank each other. John is usually on the losing end. And although he dabbles in computer programming, he's terrible at it. Naturally he also has an avid interest in reading web comics and playing video games. And like most thirteen year old boys, is prone to a childish and immature kind of humor. He's also pretty awkward with girls, and is unsure how to deal with Karkat's insistence that John and Rose be a couple, or his emerging crush on Vriska. Unlike most, he's creeped out by his Dad's collection of harlequin paraphernalia and has an odd antipathy for Betty Crocker. Clearly, we are dealing with a paragon of coolness here. Yeah. Not so much.

But, honestly? John doesn't really mind. Cool is Dave's department, and John doesn't lose any sleep over not being the most awesome dude on the block. Actually, there's not much that bothers John at all. Karkat insults him constantly, but John always just laughs it off. They're friends, after all. John is one of those people who decides on his own whether he's friends with someone else, without them getting a say in the matter. Once decided, it's hard to shake him from that opinion. And, for the record, it's not hard to get John to like you. He's the sort of person that lives in the moment, reacting to what's around him in a very honest way. Generally cheerful and optimistic, he doesn't try to hide his emotions. He'll cry when sad, smile when happy, and laugh when you've just done something stupid. But that's okay, he's fine with laughing at himself too.

John is also pretty naive. Terezi had no trouble tricking him into skipping to the seventh gate and ultimately getting himself killed. (Luckily the Knight of Time was on the job and prevented that ending.) He's also generally pretty obedient, following all of Vriska's strange instructions without wasting much time asking any sensible questions. Although he's actually pretty hard to deter from doing intensely foolish or dangerous things. Even after listening to the pleas of two different Daves, he still intended to go through with Terezi's plan. It wasn't until he was almost to the gate that he recalled the rather heartfelt letter Dave had sent him for his birthday and reconsidered.

So why then, is John the first among the kids to reach God Tier? The first to become a hero? For starters, he's extremely brave. He never hesitates to explore new terrain as it becomes available, viewing the process as exciting rather than difficult, scary, or inconvenient as most people would. He faces down countless enemies without a hint of fear. (Although he does get frustrated by the sheer number of imps and the damage they're doing to his house.) Even when facing Bec Noir after seeing the bloody mess that the monster had made of John's father, John's attitude is one of grim determination rather than fear. John is also pretty selfless, willing to go to great lengths to help others, without asking anything in return. He genuinely cared about the welfare of the native inhabitants of the Land of Wind and Shade, even going so far as to adopt one of the younger ones. And the trolls are openly hostile to the the kids at the beginning, but John still wants to help them out.

But perhaps what sets John apart the most is his optimism. From the time they enter the medium, everyone involved is telling the kids that they've already lost. That their session of the game was glitched from the start. That they can't possibly win. But John never loses hope. He honestly believes, even when no one else does, that they can still pull a victory from the jaws of this defeat. It is this faith that has him still trying when others have given up. This, more than anything, is the reason that the other kids accept him as their leader. The reason he became a hero first.


I'm usually pretty easy going about whatever you want to do to my characters. Just ask.

And if you want to opt out of john's text quirk, just say so. don't worry, i don't mind at all.
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ectoBiologist presents the Prospero FAQ!!!

so you've just been pulled into this crazy city and have no idea what the heck's going on? well, the good news is you're not the first!

and probably the bad news is that you won't be the last. but at least i can answer a few of the most common questions people ask when they arrive.

1- omg what is this strange place how did i get here?

this city is called prospero. it's in america, for you earthicans out there. and it's 2012, for whatever that's worth. it's actually a pretty normal city, except for the random cross dimensional kidnappings. speaking of which, we don't really know how they're happening yet.

2- earth? why, i'm from some version of earth! i'll just be heading home now.

okay, not really a question, but still something a lot of people try. unfortunately this isn't your earth. this is another dimension, and people have tried going home only to find that everything is totally different. and for those that don't trust me, that's cool and all, but save yourself the airfare and just try a few familiar phone numbers. or chat handles. or whatever.

2a- earth? where the hell is earth? and why am i pink and squishy now?

okay, so just in case some of you aren't familiar with earth, the best thing i can suggest is that you head out and sample the local culture. oh, and you're pink and squishy because you're human now. and being pink and squishy isn't all that weird for us. you'll get to be an alien again during the dark hour though...

my friend feferi was able to add a little more to this. she even dropped her quirk so you'd all know she was searious. hehehe.

2a, with extra input!

I'm sure that a lot of people will get confused when suddenly the person they're friends with, or going out to fight Shadows with, suddenly turn into grey people with horns or something! Don't worry. They're still the same person you know. It's just that Prospero hides their true forms until the Dark Hour. Nobody's turned into a Shadow or anything like that. You're just seeing what they look like back home!

They'll go back to being pink and soft and squishy once it's over. I know that it is kind of a shock, but it's the way it is. Nobody knows why it happens or what can be done to reverse it so people can look like their 'real' selves all the time.

And for people from another planet besides Earth: please don't fly off the handle too badly. It's a shock to you, being pink and squishy and decidedly not yourself, and we all get that! But don't suddenly decide the pink squishy humans are your lunch! Humans are friends, not food. Repeat that as often as you need to.

3- nothing is familiar and i have no money. will i starve to death on the streets?

nope. the hotel will let you live there for free. a lot of people do, so you can pretty much ask anyone to hook you up with directions and further info. and if you're the right age, you can enroll in school and live in the dorms. there's also a lot of jobs to be had.

4- why would the hotel do that? that sounds suspicious.

yep. it sure does. since we can't contact the owner and a lot of the info about the recent renovations is being all hushed up, we don't have much to go on yet. you can feel free to join in the investigation when you're settled in though.

4a- mr. edgeworth wanted me to add something about the hotel.

it looks the person who bought it used the name trey matre, which is kind of like 'tres matres' which is the name of this triple goddess thing in mythology and also the basis for this weird new religion that a local senator is trying to push. no lie. actually, there was a news report about it that was pretty much full of creepy. you're better off seeing it for yourself.


5- i used to have super powers. where'd they go?

not a clue. and yeah, it does kind of suck. but at least everyone gets a persona as compensation.

6- it's midnight and i think my clock is broken. also i see coffins. should i be concerned?

you are in the dark hour. ever wish you had just one more hour in the day? well, now you do. welcome to the dark hour. don't worry about the coffins, they'll turn back into people once it's over. that's what happens to anyone who is a native of this world. only us kidnapees can enter the dark hour. well.... us and the shadows.

7- shadows?

monsters. don't know much about them yet, but they wander around and attack people. it's possible to take one down with completely normal weapons. before you ask, they don't drop grist or items or anything when you kill them. they won't come into buildings though, so its' pretty easy to escape them if you get in trouble and need to abscond.

8- but i don't have any of my weapons here/any weapons at all!!

that's cool. there's actually a weapon shop here. you can find plenty of basic gear there, and the owner is in the know about all the weird shadow stuff. and i highly recommend a trip there if you plan on hitting the dungeon.

9- there's a dungeon too? is this some kind of weird rpg?

i think so. but yeah, there's a dungeon. it's in the warehouse district. you can only go inside during the dark hour though. and there's a lot more shadows in there, so don't try to solo it. but it is worth a trip since there is some cool swag to be found down there.

10- bluh bluh everything is even weirder all of a sudden and i don't know what's going on...

it's probably just getting close to the full moon. a lot of weird stuff usually happens that messes with people's heads. it can cause a lot of problems, but they usually go away when the boss shadow is killed.

11- boss shadow?

yeah, a really big shadow usually appears on the night of the full moon. sometimes it has minions, but the whole town usually turns out to fight it so don't worry too much.

11a- and here's a rough timeline of crazy full moon events, brought to you by miss devola:

before aug - (?)
aug - residents feel compelled to gamble, bet, etc. a large shadow appears at the casino, shaped like a pair of dice.
sep - no change in mindset. no large shadow. an altar reading "rest in peace" with five goblets upon it appears inside the dungeon. (tartarus? caliban?)
oct - regular people around prospero begin to go missing, washing up on shore dead en masse. eventually they return to life as mindless berserkers during the dark dour. a large, humanoid shadow appears. upon it's defeat the townsfolk return to normal.
nov - no change in mindset. no large shadow. instead those brought here were accosted by doppelgangers of themselves, knowing all their originals know, and retaining any special abilities as well.
dec - nothing of note.

jan - people feel familial relationships where none existed previously. a large, vaguely humanoid and vaguely feminine shadow appears.
feb - amorous inclinations run rampant. a large, heart-shaped shadow appears.

12- it sounds like this place needs an exterminator or something. how do you guys deal with all these shadow thingies?

we have persona! everyone has one, even you. they're these weird summon creatures that help us fight the shadows with cool magic spells and stuff. everyone's persona has different abilities though, and the shadows have different strengths and weaknesses too. if your fire spell isn't making a dent in that shadow you're fighting, it may be immune and therefore time to switch up your tactics or abscond the hell out of there.

13- how do i get one of these persona things?

easy. go out during the dark hour and fight shadows. when you get in trouble, your persona will appear to help out. a word of advice though, bring a friend with you. preferably one with a stronger persona. not every persona starts off with a combat ability. healing is awesome, but it wouldn't help you much if you're doing this solo.

14- how do i make my persona stronger?

fight shadows. a lot. it's really the only way. as it gets stronger, your persona will learn more cool abilities to make the whole fighting shadows thing a little easier.

15- that all sounds fun, but i wanna get back home/wherever i came from/anywhere but here. hasn't anyone figured out a way out yet?

me too. but no one has found anything like that yet. there are people looking though. i'm sure they'd appreciate help. or maybe you can solo investigate. if you find out anything, it would be super cool of you to let the rest of us in on the secret.

16- blubluh you are dumb stupid dumb and have left out my super important question! how could you?

hehehe, okay i'm sure i forgot something or other. if you have any other questions, you can go right ahead and ask away, and i'll try to answer them if i can. and i'll try to add to this FAQ as we find out more about things. or if any of this changes. anyway, thanks for reading. hopefully it helped.


john egbert


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